Elmo Leather

Scandinavian leather since 1931

Leather is according to many the natural material that exists. Elmo Leather has since 1931 developed and manufactured leather for the furniture industry and is today active all over the world. The success factors are the high comfort in the leather and over 300 colors that are available as a selection.

Leather is a residual product that is incredibly durable compared to other products and also develops a patina over the years as it ages. The leather is developed to meet all the requirements of international projects and all samples are available at Studio B3. The rawhides come locally from Scandinavia where the animals lived under good animal husbandry.

Elmo has not had any waste for a few years, but the residual products are sold for reuse or further processing. We are also carbon neutral on energy, as we only use renewable energy. Elmo’s process water is purified in its own treatment plant and becomes drinking water.




Monday-Thursday 9.00-16.30
Friday 9.00-15.00

Closed the following days:
Holiday 8 july-11 august