Bruno Mathsson

Sustainable, timeless and well-made furniture

Bruno Mathsson International AB manages the unique cultural heritage of Bruno Mathsson and manufactures sustainable, timeless and well-made furniture in close collaboration with local craftsmen and industries.

The company is located in Bruno Mathsson’s parents’ home in Värnamo, Småland, in the same building as Bruno’s father, Karl Mathsson, had his furniture carpentry. It was this environment that characterized Bruno from an early age. In 1950, a unique exhibition hall was built here, which also was Bruno’s first glass house construction. Today, these buildings under the name Bruno Mathsson Center function as offices and exhibitions.

Bruno Mathsson is considered by many to be one of the greatest Swedish furniture designers during the 20th century. He had a strong focus on making sitting organic and comfortable. His motto was “Comfortable sitting is an art which it should not be. Instead, the production of seating furniture should take place with such art that sitting in them does not become art.” He was a distinctive artist, headstrong, stubborn and clever in a Småland’s way. Bruno lived with and for his art and had great pleasure in creating new furniture for a new era.

His furniture appears to be eternally young, they are considered both as art and as utensils. At the same time as they are exhibited in museums, they are perceived as modern and functional by today’s users.




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