Everything from bricks, paint and format to dressings and mortar

Tegelmäster was founded in 1999 and is owned by the brickworks Petersen Tegl, Strøjer Tegl and Matzen Tegl in Denmark. Tegelmäster’s sales take place mainly in Sweden, where we are a long-term player in masonry, facade bricks and ground bricks.Tegelmäster has a turnover of about 280 million and we are 25 employees. Head office and exhibition are located in Malmö, regional offices and showrooms are, except for Studio B3 in Stockholm, located in Malmö, Gothenburg and Luleå.

With knowledge and inspiration, we help architects and masonry and building contractors to create beautiful buildings that last for a long time. Tegel from Tegelmäster is always a safe and long-term investment with low maintenance costs over time. We also provide complete solutions with masonry instructions, designed by our own designers, for masonry facades. We market and sell proven and well-known products for masonry construction.

Our vision is to be the player that leads the development in masonry construction and to significantly increase the use of facade bricks and ground bricks through unique products and services. We are a long-term player, who wants to be perceived as the most knowledgeable and innovative supplier of masonry products, with a strong customer focus.

Welcome to Tegelmäster’s showroom at Studio B3, Barnhusgatan in Stockholm! Come on your own or pre-book with one of Tegelmäster’s sales staff, for extra help and product advice. Maybe you want to see our bricked-up billboards or just discuss bricks as a building material? Get inspiration, ideas for your big building project – everything from color and format to joints and mortar.





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