Glimakra of Sweden

The home of acoustic design

The heart of our design and production is in Glimåkra village. This has been the case for over 70 years. Here, with nature around the corner, we create timeless furniture with a focus on acoustic design and craftsmanship quality. As we now move towards a more circular future, we look forward to our long-lasting furniture also being able to become versatile.

We at Glimakra are proud to collaborate with local suppliers and well-known designers where we can offer a wide, varied range of acoustic design. With solid knowledge and experience in Scandinavian design and with production in Sweden, we provide the global market with innovative, mostly award-winning products for a better public environment.

Sustainability and the environment are close to our hearts and therefore our environmental goals are high. From the design process where it all begins, to material selection, manufacturing, transportation and recycling, we work to become more circular. With pure unmixed materials as far as possible and 100% renewable electricity, we deliver products that can live on for generations, without jeopardizing the conditions of future generations.

In our range you will find several different types of products for an improved acoustic environment, such as: screens, wall absorbers, acoustic furniture, reception desks and much more.




Closed the following days:
Easter 28 mars-1 april
Valborg 30 april-1 maj
Kristi Himmelsfärd 9-10 maj
Midsommer 20-21 juni
Holiday 8 july-11 august