We have been manufacturing lamps for over a hundred years. For real. Not assembled, but manufactured in our own factory in Tyringe, Skåne in the south of Sweden. Cut, turned, milled, printed and surface treated. From raw materials to finished lighting. Floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, ceilings and table lamps. Decorative lighting and functional lighting, for both home and public environment. We are all over the world. In homes, offices, restaurants and hotels. Where people meet. We usually say that our name is a story in itself. ARTS + CRAFTSMANSHIP.

ART in the form of the unexpected, but at the same time well thought out, where material and design go hand in hand. Design both in-house and together with independent designers and artists.

CRAFTSMANSHIP, where the hand and the hand’s imprint are of crucial importance. Together we are a tribute to the “perfect not perfect”. Perfectly imperfect. To the arts and crafts.

All our lamps are made for a long life. Or “several lives”. We are the opposite of “wear and tear”. We are for the circular, where our lamps get new life, in a new environment, through recycling.

We are KONSTHANTVERK. A Skånsk history since 1921.





Closed the following days:
Easter 28 mars-1 april
Valborg 30 april-1 maj
Kristi Himmelsfärd 9-10 maj
Midsommer 20-21 juni
Holiday 8 july-11 august