Design down to the smallest detail and thought

For function, form and durability

We started our journey in a different way than most others in our industry, with the knowledge of steel as a material and steel in manufacturing processes. From that knowledge, we have formed a clear and unmistakable design. Furniture and interior design are both our interest and our profession. We invest in products that appeal to us and therefore we do not limit ourselves to a specific area. In our wide range, you will find items for both home and public environments. We produce objects for outdoor as well as indoor use. Hall furniture, outdoor furniture, planters and candlesticks are some examples of what we do. When it comes to expression, we are careful, we work with designers who share our view of life; the care in the small. The small details that make the whole impression.

We want to create furniture and furnishings that are elaborate. Things that we ourselves are passionate about. So we make most of our products ourselves. Manufactures – not just assembles and where we can not, we work with companies close to us in Småland. In this way, we know the conditions under which the furniture is manufactured, taking into account our environment. We are a small company. Our dream is not to grow up. Our products are not manufactured in mass editions and that is exactly how we want it. Our objects must be personal expressions. An accessory that makes the room come alive. Design down to the smallest detail and thought – function, form and durability.




Closed the following days:
Christmas Holiday 25 dec-7 jan